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Our Programs

Infant Program

008We understand that leaving your baby to be cared for by someone other than you is a difficult decision. Our Infant Room has been specially designed to create peace of mind for parents and a comfortable and secure environment for the babies. From the tranquil and relaxing décor to the carefully selected furniture, our intention is to mimic all the comforts of home to keep your baby at ease. The play area is filled with stimulating toys that coincide with our curriculum and encourage development at an individual pace. Our teachers sing songs and read stories to foster language acquisition, play games and teach finger-plays to develop motor skills. We teach sign language to help develop early communication between care givers and babies which will help to ensure all of a child’s needs are being met. Most of all, our teachers are dedicated to instilling trust and providing comfort by cuddling and constantly talking to the babies. They play a hands-on role in supporting a fun and active environment by creating opportunities for imaginary play, creative art, small and large motor development and language development. Parents work closely with the teachers to plan their baby’s schedule and ensure consistency between HCA and home.

Step-Up Program

HCA_Fun_004Our step-up program helps provide a smooth transition from “baby” to “toddler”. Social-emotional development is fostered through cooperative learning and sharing activities. Children learn manners, conflict resolution, and the value of friendship as well as respect for themselves and each other. Since the children in our step-up room are new on their feet, their environment is designed to minimize bumps and bruises.  Parents and teachers continue to work closely together to ensure consistency between HCA and home. Teachers will provide daily notes to inform you of your child’s day. They are committed to working diligently to make our love and care an extension of yours.

Toddler Program


The children in our Toddler room learn through play in a bright, cheerful environment. Here, there are endless opportunities for exploration and discovery in learning centers such as; the art center, dramatic play, blocks, the library center, manipulatives, and the sand & water center. Circle time and thematic units are central to the curriculum and complement daily learning experiences by making children aware of the world around them. The toddlers will be encouraged to build their verbal and social skills through cooperative learning activities and on-going conversation with teachers and classmates. The emphasis for our Toddler program is on socialization and the acquisition of self help skills to prepare the children for their upcoming Pre-School experience.


How has HCA responded to the COVID pandemic?

HCA has taken all information and guidelines provided to us to ensure the safest environment possible for the children and staff. Throughout the mandated closure, all employees were maintained on full payroll to ensure a smooth transition back as soon as we were permitted to reopen (6/15.) The following safety procedures have been implemented:

We continue to have our nightly cleaning crew come in and do a deep clean of the center. Teachers and kitchen staff continue to clean and sanitize toys and surfaces throughout the day. Hands continue to be washed throughout the day.

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